Why Valmand?

After 30 year of work in the jewelry industry, we have learned that a jewel is not just another product and a company is so much more than profit and bureaucracy. The quality of Valmand pieces, our long tradition and reputation speak for themselves.

Our most cherished standards of craftsmanship are:

  • we use exclusively natural gemstones and we do not accept setting artificial or synthetic stones
  • the precious stones used are imported directly from the stock exchange, with GIA certificate attesting their exceptional quality
  • we offer a unique customer experience, relaxing and honest, this being the reason why, for more than 30 years, we have preserved a clean reputation and have dealt with competitors without compromise
  • the jewelry we create have the highest level of quality possible; we also provide excellent customer relationship
  • our main goal is not to sell objects, but to guide our customers to choose the engagement ring of her dreams, the wedding rings the couple will love forever, the unique custom jewelry nobody else will have
  • we offer the best prices on the market without sacrificing quality, creating beautiful jewelry for every budget
  • repairing, cleaning, replacing and other jewelry maintenance are free of charge, because we want to ensure customers that our pieces are of the highest quality and will keep their brightness forever

So, if after reading this list you’re still wondering why to purchase jewelry from Valmand, we’ll reveal you our secret: for us, every single jewelry encapsulates all the love we are capable of, a glimpse of the craftman’s soul, our whole creativity and dedication. Therefore, the jewel that you buy from us will be unique in a special way, respecting the ancient jewelry tradition, away from contemporary haste. Valmand jewelry tells the story of older generations who have practiced this great art before us and who have found comfort in the beauty of the shining metal and precious stones.