A very unique choice for your engagement ring: the pink diamond

What could represent better her femininity and preferences than a diamond engagement ring? It is the universal symbol of marriage, and there is no little girl in the whole world not wanting her own "toy" looking like a diamond. But what if, instead of the classic colorless diamond, its color would be pink?

What is a pink diamond?
Few are those who know that diamonds are found in nature also under other colors than colorless or yellowish. Sometimes nature decides to play a little bit with its nuances and, by blending different substances along the creation process, gives birth to colored diamonds.

If you think a pink or blue diamond is less valuable than the colorless one, you are far from the truth. In fact, colorless diamonds are extremely rare and expensive, most of them having a yellowish tint, which, depending on its intensity, loses the value of a precious stone.

When we talk about colored diamonds, however, this yellowish color is no longer perceptible, so a diamond of a pink or intense blue can be very, very expensive. The most expensive diamonds are the red ones, and they can easily be considered as "cousins" of the pink diamonds, from this point of view. Of course, after reading this information, you can say that imperfections are a sign they are natural.
And yet mystery...
Despite the fact that pink diamonds are some of the most precious gems in the world, given their rarity, nobody knows exactly what gives them this color, to continue the parallel between the female personality and them. "Everybody talks about them, everybody loves them" is the most famous quote about pink diamonds and nothing can be more true. However, we would also say that "no one really knows their secret" to emphasize the metaphor.

If other diamonds get their color from chemical impurities, there is no sign of this kind in the pink stone. Scientists, always looking for answers, have proposed the idea that during their formation, a high magnitude earthquake occurred, affecting their molecular structure. Nice coincidence you would say, right? It is considered that this mystery will be solved by the pink diamonds from the Argyle mine in Western Australia, which is the largest source of extraction, though are so rare that only a few are produced a year.

Specialists hope that, by clarifying this mystery, they will be able to unveil this page in the history of mankind. Therefore, a pink diamond engagement ring is perhaps much more than just a jewel: it is the very mystery of life and its evolution, a piece of it, embedded in a beautiful precious metal contour that reminds us all what femininity is. And then, what other symbol of love could be deeper than this one?