Valmand is a never-ending family story and a symbol of excellence in jewelry artistry, revealing the secrets of jewels passed on from generation to generation.

With a 30 year tradition, our family started the trip on a road similar to the one in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, paved with diamonds and precious stones. Just like the legendary characters, we have passed tests, one by one, so that we gain wizard’s applause and win his admiration. There have been 30 years of pure emotion, art and happiness.

Over time, talented craftsmen, highly experienced, with remarkable qualities, joined our family and our business has expanded. We have worked thousands of hours to build our reputation and we have exceeded limits many times. Attention, patience and creativity were some of the most cherished values by those who bought our pieces and gave us all their trust.

We do not negociate the quality of our products. Valmand refuses to use synthetic or artificial stones, one of our beliefs being that a low cost compromise will decay our DNA. Despite this, we have tried to offer the best quality for a fair price. Valmand preferred to raise the company out of principles such as treating customers with respect and keeping them satisfied. Fast income is not an option for us. We choose to be honest with our customers and use exclusively real pictures and videos. We also provide personalized assistance and detailed information to our valued clients so that they make well-informed decisions.

Considering that most of our customers are men, we have chosen to offer them a highly degree of comfort when purchasing a jewelry. This is the reason why our main consultant is a man so that they talk as... man to man.

Valmand is not just another jewelry manufacturer. It is our way to spread beauty around the world, reveal the art of jewelry and create special moments in people’s lives, based on carefully nourished principles, from which we do not deviate. As we create heirlooms to remind people of where they came from, we ourselves do not forget our beginnings and held onto the promises we made on the very first day: respect for others is respect for ourselves.