Few people understand the amalgam of emotions a man goes through when he decides to buy an engagement ring for his girlfriend. Fortunately, our team has experienced all sorts of situations and, being ourselves men, we have a piece of advice for every groom-to-be.

That's why this guide is designed to help you choose an engagement ring more easily, providing you both basic and less accessible information.

Tips for choosing the engagement ring

Listen carefully to your lover when she talks about jewelry: once you've made the big decision, every look that she's sneaked on a piece of jewelry should get your attention. Her personal collection of jewelry and small talk should also shed some light on her taste. Whether she prefers vintage or a more modernist style, a simple or complex pattern, large or small size, it has to be an engagement she (and not you) would love.

Talk to other men who took this step: Buying an engagement ring is a decision that is important enough to require a second opinion. Even if it seems to you that a jewel does not define such an abstract concept as your love for her, you may be surprised how she feels about it. Therefore, it is advisable to ask for the opinion of another man who has already passed through this experience or, if you do not know one, ask for the help of her best friend who knows her best.

Talk to her friends: Close people around the future wife know her preferences about jewelry. However, there is some possibility that they are subjective and let their own tastes influence you the wrong way. You will also need reliable people who know how to keep a secret and will not spoil the surprise.

Maybe you do not want to buy exactly what she wants: men tend to think that only the effort is enough to impress a woman. Of course not only her tastes matter, but yours as well, but not that much this time. Be sure to look for that engagement ring that will keep a little bit of your personality too, so when she looks at it to see you.

All diamonds look the same: in the "How to choose a diamond" guide, we outlined the buying steps of such a precious stone and the criteria you need to consider. If you chose to purchase a diamond engagement ring, take the time to study it carefully based on the information gathered before. Do not let yourself be tempted to buy the largest or most expensive diamond. Read before, patiently, to offer her something truly special.
Offering an engagement ring is like an exam: if you've ever considered buying a car as stressful, remain calm. Buying an engagement ring produces ten times more tension. But if you learn the criteria of choice in advance, such as cut, carat, clarity or colors, it will be much easier. Let's use the following metaphor: without knowing these details, buying a diamond engagement ring is like choosing a car based on the price. If you have too little information, your car might be an old story after only a month of use. So give yourself enough time to study, just like before an exam.

Custom jewelry may seem expensive, but they are not: if you went through all our collections and you still have not found what you want, you can buy a custom engagement ring. Moreover, its uniqueness will flatter, and the price will remain acceptable. Our studio works with some of the most talented jewelers in Romania, and they are able to assist you in creating a unique design, but also help you purchase comfortably within your budget.

More details about the engagement ring

In addition to shape or size, the use of a certain precious stone or a mixture of stones, you also have the choice of the material from which the engagement ring is made. About the recommended materials (white gold or platinum), we discussed in the "About gold or platinum jewelry" guide, where you can find information to help you compare. If the budget allows you, we recommend buying a platinum engagement ring, being the best precious metal in which a diamond can be set, but also the most durable due to its unique qualities.

In the "How to choose precious stones" guide, we've detailed both their basic features and symbols, unique features, or colors. If you do not know what to choose, but want to get out of the classic diamond ring pattern, the "How to Create Custom Jewelry?" article is a helpful guide.
To inspire you, we've prepared a collection of celebrity engagement rings, which we hope will help you.