Songs were written about him, dedicated verses, his name was used as a symbol for the qualities of certain brands or buildings, battle squadrons were named after him ... What is, in fact, the blue diamond, and why do you have to consider it for an engagement ring or other kinds of jewelry? What makes it so often mentioned by everyone, despite the fact that there are a lot of other diamonds? Why is he so special?

What is the blue diamond?

You might think that colored diamonds are less natural or expensive than colorless diamonds. In fact, a colorless diamond is very rare, most of them having a yellowish tint. The color of diamonds is given by certain chemical impurities as a result of their natural process of formation. So this is a case where imperfections are the ones that value a precious stones, especially because some colors are harder to find than others. The stronger the shade of blue, the more expensive will be.

The blue color is given by the boron molecules in the chemical composition of the diamond. However, there are also cases where this color has shades of gray that do not have to do with boron particles.

The most famous blue diamond jewelery is "The Diamond of Hope", which was also awarded with names such as Le Bijou de Roy (King's Jewel), Le Bleu de France (France Blue) or Tavernier Blue and weighs about 46 carat, hosted by the National Natural History Museum in Washington DC. It is said to be cursed, around him weaving a multitude of legends. It is known as the most famous diamond of the world and has a history along which traveled all the continents, originating from India.

A blue diamond ring?
Imagine, now, the beauty of a diamond, modelated after the King's Jewel. Would it look absolutely fantastic, especially if it was part of an engagement ring? Worn by kings, stolen by thieves, separated from his half and traveling through all corners of the world, the mystery that even a copy can bring your imagination into a mystical world, making you a traveler over time. How many hopes she hid, through history, between his cuts, this diamond?

But if you choose a blue diamond engagement ring in a unique shape, it does not make it less worthy to be carried by your lover's hand. Rarely enough to be of great value, with a special glow that captivates anyone and turns it into a dreamer, this is a symbol of freedom, of life itself, of the union of the quiet sea with clear sky and a peaceful life. That's why we strong recommend you consider this opportunity and buy a blue diamond engagement ring for your girlfriend, especially if you want to give up the classic image of this jewelry, but in a nice, elegant way.